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Gabriella's 6 Week Vegan Bikini Body Shred! 

A copy of my personal nutrition and training programme intended for extreme results on a bikini body cut / prep. You will need gym access to follow this plan. WARNING - This programme is not for the faint hearted. 


*Delivered electronically within 24hrs


Training + Nutritional Coaching Package

One on one personal coaching - full support, guidance, accountability and motivation. Includes weekly check-ins and private regular contact availability to ensure you reach your end goal destination. Fully customised target specific training + nutrition plan tailored to help you finally acheive the results you've been looking for. 


£129/ month

*Delivered within 7 days of purchase date


Training / Nutrition Plan

Choose from a fully customised target specific 4 week training and/or nutrition plan tailored to help you finally reach the goals you've been looking for. Designed to work alongside your current lifestyle and nutritional requirements and equip you to take control of your fitness journey going forwards. 

From £49

*Delivered within 7 days of purchase date



Improve Performance & Endurance

Vegan + Caffeine Free

  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Lotus Active Essentials prides itself on only using natural ingredients. This includes avoiding artificial sweeteners, flavours, and colours. This product has a natural pink hue to it do to the Beet Root Extract.
  • NO CAFFEINE, NO JITTERS, NO CRASH - Lotus Pre Workout is 100% stimulant free! This allows you take this product any time of the day without experiencing any spikes or drops in energy.
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY - Lotus Pre-Workout is not made or manufactured with the use of any animal products and is suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarian.
  • STAY HYDRATED - Coconut Water is nature’s sports drink. It’s naturally occurring electrolytes keep you hydrated so you can maintain optimal performance. Lotus Pre-Workout has a 2 full grams or Coconut Water!
  • £39.97

    *Despatched within 2-4 working days


    "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet" - Albert Einstein

    There are many reasons why I promote a plant based lifestyle. 

    Apart from the fact that plant-based food is really very tasty, the case for eating less meat is significant. There are a number of benefits which range from improved health to problems of environmental sustainability and compassion for the animals.

    The vegan lifestyle has given me more energy than ever before and enabled my body to perform at it's optimum in building strong lean muscle, burning fat more efficiently and recovering / healing at a faster rate allowing me to increase my training intensity. 

    I am all around stronger, fitter and healthier.


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    My Transformation Journey

    Trust me... I've been there!

    Fed up of putting in all the effort and not seeing the results you want? Longing for that dream body that you're confidently proud to sport? Desperate to feel comfortable in your own skin? - I know EXACTLY how this feels. Been there, done the fad diet and wasted a significant amount of time and money whilst not doing my health any favours in the process. My transition to a plant based lifestyle not only gave me a tremendous understanding of the body, nourishment, nutrition and fitness like never before... it also lead me to lose over a whopping 2 Stone of weight and introduced me to a completely new lifestyle (not to mention a rocking body to go with it).

    Like many, I was raised in a meat eating household under the firm belief that this "sole" protein source was necessary for healthy muscle growth and dairy for strong bones etc. Re-educating myself to a totally different style of living was a huge learning curve and involved a lot of trial and error - but once I found this balance I was able to achieve the results I had been longing for very quickly, transforming my physique from fat to fit in less than 6 months. I now want to share with you all the knowledge and experience gained throughout my journey. Absolutely anyone can do the same! And whats more... all this is possible in a naturally healthy, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable manner.

    I look forward to working with you to unleash your maximum potential.




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